Eloizos Themistokleous was born on January 18, 1980 in Patra. He took the first painting lessons from his father, Charalambos Themistokleous, a sculptor-painter with a significant contribution to the Greek art scene, who decisively influenced his artistic eye.Eloizos studied by the side of George Tsakiris at the School of Fine Arts in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, graduating in 2007.While still a student, he began teaching the art of painting at his own atelier (atelier "Themistokleous"), which he continues to direct today.

Curricullum vitae


Solo exhibitions
April 2012, at the old municipal baths under the responsibility of the Cultural Organizationof Parewn Municipality.Patra.
October 2013, Gallery 512. Ptolemaida.
November 2013, Trikoupeio Intellectual Center, Mesologgi.
October 2014,"Soul-Body-Mind", Art room "Pallisandros", Patra.
November 2015, "Spluttering memories", Art room "Technoxoros", Athens.
March 2017, «Souvenirs à bout de souffle+» gallery Desmos, Paris.
October 2018,"Lucid dream" in cooperation with Viktoria Tzoura, Archontiko Panagiotopoulou, Aigio.
Group exhibitions
May 2008, under the auspices of International Amnesty for human rights in China.Athens.
December 2009, Tzamaros Gallery. Patra.
December 2011, Papatzikou Gallery. Veroia.
December 2012, Donation of the conjectural union of Patras for the movement "Πρόταση" at the old municipal baths. Patra.
December 2012, "Τα μαγικά Συρτάρια" donation to voluntary organization "Το χαμόγελο του παιδιού" at the cultural center of Aigio. Aigio.
June 2013, "Κύπριοι Νέοι Δημιουργοί". Old Public Hospital of Patra. Patra
June 2013, "Rem Brand Name - Η γνησιότητα του καλλιτέχνη". Gallery Lola Nikolaou. Thessaloniki.
July 2013, "Κύπριοι Νέοι Δημιουργοί". Municipality of Chalkida. Chalkida.
July 2013, "Rem Brand Name - Η γνησιότητα του καλλιτέχνη". Gallery Technoxoros. Athens.
September 2013, "Thessaloniki Έρημη πόλη". Gallery Lola Nikolaou. Thessaloniki.
September 2013, "Τεχνοχώρος ευφραίνει καρδίαν". Property Palivou. Nemea.
December 2013, "Τεχνοχώρος ευφραίνει καρδίαν". Gallery Technoxoros. Athens.
April 2014, "To Μεσολόγγι και ο λόρδος Βύρων". Gallery Technoxoros. Picture gallery Moschandreou Mesollogi.
May 2014, "Rem Brand Name". Art-Athina.
June 2014, "Rem Brand Name - H γνησιότητα του καλλιτέχνη". Gallery Lola Nikolaou. Thessaloniki.
July 2014, "Τιμή στον δάσκαλο". Market Argiri, Patra.
September 2014,  "Το μεσολόγγι και ο λόρδος Βύρων". Gallery Technoxoros. Athens.
April 2015, "PREADexhibition", art room Technoxoros with the diligence of the art historian Louiza Karapidaki and the cooperation of the printing press Fotolio & Tipikon, Athens.
November 2018, "Miniatoures" Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki